How To Pronounce Designer Names

How to pronounce designer names, Angela Campagnoni, From Heels to Highchairs

Have you been intimidated to join a conversation on a hot new line because you aren’t sure how to say the designers name? Don’t worry…you are not alone…something that is common with fashion designers is that their complicated names are usually […]

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The Perfect Sunglasses

Everyone loves to rock those stylish sunglasses on a hot sunny afternoon. Wearing perfect sunglasses is a good defense against dust and the deadly ultraviolet rays. In short, they help against long and short-term eye damage. But with so many […]

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How to Take More Risks

The human mind is pre-conditioned to avoid risk. We always look for a way around risk when looking for solutions. This leaves us unprepared for situations that force us to make risky decisions. We can take more risk, but after […]

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