Authenticity Vs. Purchased Popularity on Social Media

Heels to highchairs, dangers of Buying Fake Followers

How using Social Media “Experts” created unnecessary work for my personal brand…

You know the age old question… which came first the Chicken or the Egg?

So did we create the need for these social media experts to sell us fake likes? Or did Social Media “Experts” create the appearance of the need… are we all so desperate for the need of popularity that we created this multi-million dollar industry… or have we been so conditioned to no longer believe in ourselves and our abilities that we think we need this…

This was a recent discussion I had with a fellow group of bloggers working with brands and trying to monetizing their work when there is so much happening with Fake Buyers and Fake numbers people use to make it appear as though their accounts are more popular then they are…

Fake Followers, Fake Likes, Fake Appearances…. what has happened today that we have been conditioned to think this is how to get ahead in the world. What has happened to the work ethic today that has convinced us that we  need to promote ourselves with fake likes, fake followers and fake image of popularity… has social media taken away our own belief in our abilities?

Everyone hates the popular bitch in teen movies, yet somehow we have created a multi-million dollar industry of companies based on selling fake (whatever the need) is on social media to make us look like the popular bitch…in order for us to be considered valuable to our readers.

4 years ago I went down an uneducated path of using a “Social Media Expert Company” to manage my growth and help me become more visible in the public eye with my companies….but guess what…you aren’t more visible when the people they are getting to follow you are actually non-existent… when I questioned them about this practise,  their reasoning was…well if you “Look” popular then other people will think you ARE popular and they will want to follow you…so basically it is calling the real followers stupid, gullible or wanna-be’s … That is SO uncool… the cleaning out process was a nightmare…I had to change my twitter handle it took forever to mass delete from twitter and thank god Instagram did a clean up to help that process and I knew right then I would never use one of those companies again… I wanted to grow my visibility…but with real people and real engagement…if its not real , whats the point…

Its 2017, people know how it works now, people can tell when someone gets way too many likes on a pictures without many fans, or way too many fans and no real interaction or comments… like on Instagram 2-4% engagement is considered average and true… 5-8% is great for popular brands… but if you are 20-30%+  people can spot that a mile away…

This article is not meant to shame anyone, it’s meant to remind you… you deserve to believe in yourself and your own ability. You need to believe in what you do and put in the hard work it takes to build your brand with authenticity and realism.

Honestly, what is the point? What does someone really get from fake followers/likes? Ok, maybe 2 or 3 years ago big brands and marketing companies didn’t look at that and they were throwing money for Social Media personalities to sponsor their brands with posts, and for the person posting its great they are getting free shit and possibly making money… but what about the return on investment for the company?

It’s not there, so then eventually companies will think this isn’t a good use of their funds and hurt those that are really trying to make a living through social media, those with true engagement and true followers… filling your feeds with “people” liking your photos who haven’t been active in over a year or two and basically have dead profiles, looks awful… and it really makes you look a little silly…nothing worse than seeing a photo post and then 100+ likes in the first 5 mins then seeing none of those likes come from actual active people… again its 2017 just don’t do it… I understand the wish we all have for our companies or even ourselves personally to have a huge number of followers, it gives that much sought after appearance of popularity. But those fake users can’t bring you any benefits, they won’t share your ideas, they just distort the quality of your audience, if you are trying to make money with your social media or product then having fake followers or fake likes will give you back as much value as their ability to have a conversation, which is none.

So be genuine, do things with purpose and with authenticity…when that happens people will be drawn to your story, they will be drawn to your brand. You will make real connections and people will come to trust and want to be part of your world and your business because they will be forming a relationship based on trust… so I recommend you start this relationship with trusting yourself first and what you are doing…everything else will fall in place with hard work.




If you want to keep an eye on your followers especially with all the “eggheads” on tweeter… I use to auto block fake accounts from following… nothing is perfect but it was the most useful for me.

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    1. I know…I fell into that trap years ago being told “thats how you do it”….what a nightmare to clean it all out… I now have wonderful steady growth with real and engaging followers…

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