What to wear on our feet can be a bit of a dilemma for working women putting in long hours but don’t want to sacrifice stylish options. A lot of women LOVE shoes, I am one of them… and if you do have this love affair in your life like myself you find yourself buying shoes ALL THE TIME,  even if you have a sizable number of pairs in your wardrobe already.

Myself, I am always attracted to colorful and very high heeled shoes that are not practical for long days. And I also tend to buy shoes with narrow ends that press my toes and feel super uncomfortable during long work hours or anytime after hour #3.  This is probably why women find themselves short of options in terms of footwear if we want a sexy pair of heels to be paired with long days, ( those are like unicorns…beautiful if they existed)  I myself tend to suffer in the name of fashion, seriously who really needs to feel their toes anyway…actually its after I’ve lost feeling in those feet that I can truly enjoy wearing them again for the rest of the day, don’t judge me!

Some women may worry that wearing more color may make them look less professional and feel they need to wear shoes that are of earthy and pastel shades rather than very bright colors when going to the office. I am of the absolute opposite thinking. If you have the confidence to rock a pair of red heels with your suit, and feel great doing it, you are only going to project that air of confidence. So the next time you find yourself attracted to red shoes, get them…sure its important to own the basics like black, white, cream, navy, brown, or other sober shades of the same design. But don’t forget to add color to your mix.  Mixing color and fun can also help combat the need for that spiked heel if they are just not practical for your work environment. If wearing flats doesn’t thrill you however you know its needed in your work environment then adding some fun colors can help you to feel like you are still adding fashionable flare.


Now I tend to wear a lot of pencil high heels, not practical but I work in fashion so totally expected. But for the general work place you may want to tone it down a bit ( Did I really just write that? Who IS this practical typing woman and what has she done to my shoe addict self?). If you can get away with flats or a lower style heel and love the way they look on you then obviously that is the best for a long day, but if you are like me and only own one pair of flats that you slip on to check the mail, I’d go with a little thicker of a heel so that you feel a bit better support.  If you are height challenged and can’t image not wearing a heel then platforms and wedges tend to last longer on the comfort scale rather than buying pencil heeled shoes. Just remember that your own comfort matters more than style… HAHA …sorry I couldn’t really type that with a straight face… if you can’t bare pain, then wear what will allow you to think. And it is true that you can cause a lot of strain in your legs by wearing high heeled shoes for long hours of work at the office… trust me…

Last but not the least is the material within the shoes. This is something I truly believe… you get what you pay for…Genuine leather is the best option for comfortable shoes, they do breath better and will have more give/stretch to ensure they fit your foot better. We all have those cute Friday night shoes that you know you bought to go with one outfit and will only wear for 3-4 hours… but I truly believe you need to invest in a few pairs of truly high quality well built shoes. Make them classic to help them be versatile for your wardrobe. These shoes will be a little more expensive then those weekend party shoes but you can rest assured that pure leather shoes will keep you comfortable in your office.

Now I can’t say I follow any of my own advice, I do suffer in the name of fashion. I actually remember one extreme night out with the girls that I mentioned I couldn’t have a drink because I took a pain killer in order to wear my 5 inch high over-the-knee black suede dream boots…yup that’s dedication right there ( mixed with a little cra-cra…)


I know there will be a point in my life I will turn into one of the older ladies that tend to stop me and comment about how they use to be able to wear shoes like mine, but that they eventually had to stop wearing them… I don’t look forward to that day however I am guessing I’ll be 95 or so by that time. I will say that I do have a pair of ballet flats in my car that I wear in between my meetings when I am driving so there is some practicality there…


These were my latest purchase…so pretty…so not practical 🙂 Do you have a funny shoe story? Or a Shoe Fail moment? Or maybe tips on what you do for your sore shoe feet? Please share in the comments !

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