Angela Campagnoni Heels to highchairs

So what can I tell you that you may not already know? The first thing that I think about when trying to describe my life  is that I am a “reborn” parent…meaning I had a full grown teenager and started all over again with 2 new babies in my 40’s… While I found myself struggling to keep my 25+ years in the fashion industry separate from my personal life, I finally had the realization that I couldn’t do both with my usual 110% effort. So in-order to keep things real, which is the way I have always lived, I’m blending both together…

So is this a fashion site? Is this a parenting blog? Is this a lifestyle movement? to answer that with one word would be “ABSOLUTELY”  and I’m proud of it.

If I came up with a quote that would describe how I see life its “Be Genuine and Do things with Purpose” Being positive is really a series of thought processes, so happiness is really about a mindset. ~ Angela

I want to thank you for joining me as I celebrate the ability to mix function and dysfunction, while juggling my life in fashion and trying to maneuver motherhood, being a wife and running my own business. My promise to you is to keep it real, honest and down to earth as I am proudly an UNdomesticated mother struggling to balance it all and fumbling along the way, with joyous moments sprinkled with a few burnt dinners but doing it fashionably!

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